GoFundMe for Braddah Walt Kanehiwa

By , July 26, 2018

GoFundMe for Braddah Walt Kanehiwa

Welton Kanehiwa

Welton Kanehiwa

I met Welton Kanehiwa at my first job in Tampa, Florida 20 years ago. I remember our boss told me that someone from Hawai’i also worked there. I didn’t think it was another Hawaiian. When we first spoke we discussed food. During our discussion I asked him “How you get inamona???” That is how he knew I was Hawaiian.

Since then we kept in touch. We would speak often on our cellphones. He worked for Disney in Tampa, Florida as a telemarketer. He loved his job and he loved his family.

When his wife called me from his cellphone two days ago I thought it was him calling me to talk story as we say in Hawai’i. It was his wife calling me at 7:12 a.m. to tell me that he suffered a cardiac arrest and that they could not resuscitate him.

He is a great friend, a great father, and one of the most humble and smart Hawaiians I have ever known. It’s a shock to me that he is gone.

I have set up a GoFundMe account to help his wife with immediate expenses and to help his two children. So far I raised $2,245 for his family.

If possible please donate as little or as much as you can to this Tampa, Florida family. Here is the link:


Mahalo in advance.

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